Google Adwords

Adwords is a way to get to the top of the google search engine results by paying per click. eg Adwords

There are many experts out there who can help you manage your adwords campaigns, but it is relatively easy to do yourself. 

Tips on Setting Up Google Adwords

In all steps consider this important rule of google adwords, that at least 1% of all people who view your advert must click on it. So you must ensure your advert is closely related to your keywords, and that your keywords would not describe any other business service that your own.

Select a geographical region that is relevant to your business. Only target other countries if you think you really could have significant impact there. To begin with, it is prudent to start with your own country only. eg if you provide a product or service that is not unique, then you should always use your own country. Only if you have a unique service should you go global.

Think about your keywords. What will your potential customers enter as keywords into google if they were looking for your business. Lets take a "shoe repair" shop in Auckland for example. If you just use "shoes" as your keywords, then you might be mistaken for a place that sells shoes, or makes shoes. You should pick key phrases like "Shoe repairs" "highheel repairs" "heel repairs" "fix shoes" etc. It is always better to be precise, at least 3 words is best. You want your clicks to be an acurate match of "desirable customer" with you the "appropriate supplier".. You might like your advert to be displayed to as many people as possible, but google will not allow it. Your advert will be cancelled if you do not use keywords highly relevant to your business. Trust me, just use keywords that exactly describe your business, be specific, not generic. It works to be more specific.

How much to bid?

How much should you bid? Start by bidding about 10-50 cents, with a budget of a $1-$10 per day. ($30-$300 per month). Assuming 10 cent bid on $1 per day, this would give you about 10 new unique visitors a day to your website, or about 300 new visitors a month. All for just $30 per month. The more you bid, the higher up your advert will displayed. If you bid too low, then your advert won't get clicked, so there is not much point having it.. Good news is, you don't normally pay for what you bid, you only pay the bid of the lowest bidder on the page. TIP: About 1%-10% of clickers will continue to purchase or enquire. Therefore, your cost per click needs to assume 10-100 clicks per purchase. At 10 cents per click, you need up to $10 margin on your product to cover cost of those clicks. 

Tracking Success

You will want to track the success of different campaigns, to ensure your spend is targeted on the right keywords.

We have provided an area in the CMS that allows you to quickly insert the "conversion tracking code" provided by Google Adwords, or other providers. 

We consider a successful referral to be: 

  • Contact enquiry posted
  • Member registration posted
  • Mailing list subscription
  • Shopping cart reaching "order confirmation page" (Note we can't track successful orders for most credit card payment methods, hence success is deemed the page prior)
  • Form page posted
  • etc

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