Domain Name Registration Tutorial

  1. Login to our Content Management System   
  2. Select your website
  3. Select Register Address
  4. Select "search and register a new domain name" (note the yearly fee)
  5. Enter your domain of choice and click "search"  (see the tips on choosing your domains below)
  6. Repeat if necessary until you find an available name you are happy with.
  7. Follow the payment steps to completion.
  8. Payment can be made by cheque, online banking or visa card
  9. Our support team will be notified and action your request as soon as payment is received.

Important Note: Registration is not completed untill payment is received, so payment by credit card is a good idea. Anyone can register your domain at another registrar while we await payment, so don't delay.

International Domain Names 

You can now register the following domain names,:




Tips on choosing domain names -

  • Use lowercase characters and numbers only. Dashes - are permitted. Spaces and other punctuation are not - e.g. mycompanyname [.com] 
  • Remember to select a suitable suffix, e.g. .com .org .net .biz .info .ws
  • You should normally pick a domain name that closely resembles your company name.  It should preferably be short and easy to remember, eg use your company initials, or abbrieviated alias.  Leave the "Ltd" or "Pty" part off.
  • If you are mainly selling to a domestic market, then you should use a local suffix like for New Zealand, .com, .net or .biz for America and Australia etc.  
  • It is a good idea to register more than just one domain name (they can all seamlessly take people to your site or to specific pages within your site). 
  • You should also register common misspellings of your name, and the generic names of your products and services.


When is payment required?

Payment for domain names is required within 3 days.You can pay by cheque, online banking or credit card.  If you pay late, the registration process may not complete, possibly allowing other people to register your domain name.  It takes about 2 working days for registration of your domain name to complete. It can take up to 1 week for a new website address to propogate right around the internet.

Is your  countries suffix missing?  

We can only register for a limited number of countries/suffixes, or the process is more complicated/expensive in the missing countries.  .uk .ca .ir .au domains should be registered directly.  Please contact us if you have trouble and we can try to help.

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