How to transfer an existing (pre registered) domain name to your website

There are several options to transfer or setup a domain name with your website, and your choice will depend mainly on where you want to pay for domain renewals and where you want email hosted.

  • If you want us to bill you for your domain renewals, then you should transfer your domain to us.
  • If you want your email hosted with another provider or your ISP, then you should leave your domain where it is, and setup web hosting only
  • If you have a .com or you prefer to pay your current domain registrar, then you should set up webhosting and email for a domain registered elsewhere


Part 1 - Getting ready for the transfer

  1. Contact your existing registrar or login to their website.
  2. Request that your domain be unlocked (if it is locked) (typically only applies to .com and similar international domains)
  3. Request your Authorisation Code or UDAI (a special security password that only the owner of a domain is allowed to know)
  4. Your codes might be emailed to you. They might have been emailed to you when you first registered
  5. If you get confused, just contact us and we will talk you through it...

Part 2 - Complete the Transfer

  1. Now Login to our CMS
  2. If you have more than 1 website, please select the correct website using the dropdown box (top right)
  3. Ensure your site has been set to live status - you may need to click the Go Live button and pay for your first months hosting fee. 
  4. Go to the Domains/Email Tab. 
  5. Click  Transfer a Domain Name (Full Transfer) in the right menu. (this applies to transfers and setups also)
  6. Select the Transfer Domain option
  7. Please enter your domain name
  8. Please enter your UDAI or Authorisation Code
  9. Please enter a default email address for email forwarding. If you don't provide an email address, we won't provide any email forwarding. You can quickly setup POP accounts in a few minutes if you need to.
  10. We will attempt to complete the transfer in real time, but if there are any errors, it may take 1 working day for this to initiate.

Setup Domain Method

Part 1 - Tell our servers what you want them to do

  1. Choose either setup option you want, eg web hosting only or web hosting, email and nameserver change.
  2. Enter the domain name and email address if relevant
  3. Click transfer.
  4. Wait up to 1 hour for our nameservers and webservers to be ready (typically a few minutes past the hour every hour)

Part 2 - Tell your registrar/ISP what happened

  1. Remember to wait an hour like we said before, (that's if you already have web hosting/email running on your old servers)
  2. Contact your ISP or login to your registrar's website
  3. Either change the A-Record or Nameservers, depending on which setup option you chose above. A records are for web hosting only setups and our A-Record is Nameservers are for when you are transfering all your management (excepting renewals) over to us... And our nameservers are and
  4. Wait up to 48 hours for changes to take effect... Different people will notice the changes at different times...
  5. After 48 hours when all is well, you should contact any old provider of email or web services that you don't need them anymore (depending on which option you chose of course)

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