Secure Files/Pages and Google

When building a website you may want to hide a file or page from Google. This might be because the file was intended to be viewed by members only, the page has private information on it, or even if the page is a testing page and is not meant to be found.

When creating a page, the easiest way to hide it right away is to press the "Add Page" button underneath the "Hidden Pages" section on the left side. This will set the page to "Hidden from menu and search incl members".

If you have already created a page and you wish to make it hidden, navigate to the "Rename" area of the page (either by clicking the Aa icon on the menu button, or editing the page and then clicking Rename). Set the Visibility to "Hidden from menus and search incl members". This will mean the page has a "nofollow" attribute, meaning any links to the page and the page itself will warn Google not to index it.


Google changes its algorithm constantly, and is a separate organisation to us.

This means that although we can mark pages to be hidden from Google, it does not guarantee that Google will not index it.  

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