Getting Started with the Photographers Shopping Cart

  1. Log into the CMS
  2. Then  hover  over “Web Pages”  and select  “Add a page”
  3. From the page options select Advanced Features / Custom Databases
  4. Then Select Photographers Shopping Cart from the options
  5. Give your Photographers Shopping cart a Menu Heading Button and a Page Heading

The system then creates the Photographers shopping cart.

After the initial set up the next page goes through the set up procedure of this photographers Shopping cart. You can also access this screen via the “Web Pages” Tab on the main CMS Navigation. The “Web Pages” tab will display all of your pages including the page you just created.  Click on the edit icon that appears to the right of the page name to edit.

Setting up the Photographers Shop:

There are three aspects to the Photographers Shopping Cart that now need to be addressed.

  1.  Upload your Photos
    1. Preparing and Resizing Your Photos for the Web
    2. Understanding File names
    3. Understanding Folder and File Paths
    4. Uploading single images
    5. Using FTP for Bulk uploading
  2.  Setup the Shopping Cart (Tax, Freight, Currency etc)
  3. Create your Products (Print Sizes)

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