Credit Card Payment Notifications

Most payment gateways will not give you any access to the credit card number the customer used, as they process the transaction in real time, and provide you a receipt notification only. When you get an email notification you should still logon to the merchant gateway website and check that the transaction really did go through. There is no guarantee a receipt email is legitimate.  

However, on our secure form option, the details are entered onto a secure SSL form and submitted to you, via email. This option is frowned upon by banks and customers, and you should avoid use of it. If you do use this option you should be using one of our secure email addresses and using our secure webmail service to view the messages, and then deleting the messages immediately once processed.

In all circumstances our Content Management System does not record any credit card numbers in our databases, and do not take any responsibility for merchants misuse of any credit card numbers that they have in their posession

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