Catalogue/Shopping Cart Layout Options

We have available many different cart layout options -

  • Two, three, or four column layouts with thumbnails

  • Column layouts with list prices and/or buy now buttons

  • Vertical list layouts
  • Single page carts, and more

Change to another layout easily

Layouts can be easily changed at a later date without the need to set you cart up from scratch, simply select another layout from the available list or contact us to create a customised layout for you (fees may apply for customised work).

To change your layout

  • Click the Shopping button, then click the grey Layout button at the top right of the editor.
  • From there select one of the layout options. Most of these options have a sample view and explanation of their function (the type of information that will be displayed etc)

To futher customise your Products and Categories

To further customise the formatting of your Shopping Cart pages
  • Choose the Setup tab on the top right of the shopping cart page
  • Find the Display options / Customise Text / Configuration section
  • From here you can customise your product details, category  and checkout pages



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