Moving Categories to Sub-categories via Drag-Drop

If you need to reorganise Categories to become sub-categories you can easily do this via the ECOMMERCE > MANAGE CATEGORIES area.

The process involves drag-dropping Categories into other Categories, so before you reorganise you should make sure you have created your top-level Categories if they aren't already available.

Drag-drop reordering Categories via the Ecommerce > Manage Categories area

In our example below, we have our top-level categories and the sub-categories all sitting in the main shopping area.

These are displayed as a vertical list.

How to reorder your Categories

Click-drag the categories using the 4-way arrow cursor on the right of the category, indicated in the right screenshot below:
The categories will be dragged and will slightly indent to show it is a sub-category, release the mouse button to drop it in place.

Our Categories are all showing in the main shopping page

This is reflected in the Categories area of the E-Commerce section of the CMS


Categories reorganised

You can see the new hierarchy below, with the top level Categories showing on the website, and on the right the sub-categories are underneath and indented.

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