Customer Stock Notification System

Stock availability notifications can now be fully automated. See image where to enable the response part to customers.


When enabled makes it possible for users to enrol for stock notifications.

  • If the customer is logged in a new Stock Notification checkbox will appear in the product detail area - Notify me when in stock
  • If a logged in customer checks this option they are automatically enrolled to receive an email when the product is back in stock.
  • You will receive an email notification of the stock notification request.

  • Enabling this option will add also a Stock Notifications tab at the base of the product detail page, where a customer can add their contact information and the name of product. This option will show for both logged in customers, and guests who are not logged in. 
  • You will receive an email regarding the stock enquiry form submission.

  • A Notify me button is added to the product list page, which will take guests and logged in customers to the Stock enquiry form.
  • Enquiries are logged against the product in the CMS, with the ability to email the customer from the CMS, or add customer notes.

There are 2 tick boxes.


Lets you quieten your inbox, and let the feature do it's job, with the caveat, that if the customer changes the wording of the default enquiry, then you will receive just those emails... eg where they are asking about a specified quantity perhaps.

  • If a logged in customer clicks the Notify me when in stock checkbox - you will not receive a notification email
  • If a customer uses the Stock notification enquiry form option and leaves the default message as is - you will not receive an email
  • If a customer uses the Stock notification enquiry form option and leaves a custom message - you will receive an email


Is for the automated follow up email to customers with open enquiries for the given product.

These will be sent within an hour, or so, of stock count increasing above the minimum buy quantity (becoming available for purchase). 

Customising the Stock Notification email.

You can customse the stock notification subject and email header via the Stock Availability area on the plugin page.