Form Spam Filtering

Blocking Form Spam by IP address

To combat spam we block "form spam" by IP address.
Sometimes hackers use residential computers where the IP address changes.Today we have blocked spammer IP's where there are at least 5 spam offences.

How the CMS flags IP address as Spam

A spam offence is when one of our customers marks an enquiry email as spam using the red "report spam" button at the end of their email notifcation. When you mark notifications as spam, then you are helping everyone else reduce spam, as everyone doing the same helps you.
If an IP address has more than 50 spam offences, then we block them from seeing your website at all. This is a method to reduce the load that some nasty robots place on our resources.
If the same person makes an enquiry on more than 5 different websites in a short period of time, then this is also a strong single that they are spammers.

Reviewing the Spam log within the CMS

You can review spam that has been blocked in your activity log, tab spam, under the main SECURITY tab. The reason for the block will be shown, but not the content.
You can also add recaptcha boxes to your website forms to eliminate spam, find out how to here.