Custom Form Basics

 Click on the page you want to apply a (custom) enquiry form to, over in the top right select "Options"
 From the dialog box tick the option to activate an enquiry form specific to that page, there are 2 options, if you have a gallery type page then you can choose to add the form to all images in that gallery 
 To create custom fields select "Custom enquiry fields Template" 
 In the editor that opens type a question
 Afetr that select the "Insert Form Field" from the tool bar
 To add a question click on "Question Box" 
 Type your question into the "Field name box"  Note, a  field name should be unique, not contain any spaces, and be relevant to the question prompt. 
 Press insert and you will see your question in the editor, by default the question box will drop below the readable question, you can lay it out better using tables, this is a good idea for complex forms (Lots of questions)
 Save (and or publish) changes and see your form from the site, note if you do not see it first time you may need to press F5 while holding down the CTRL button.
 How do we make it compulsory? up in the top right look for the grey tab called "Validation" and select it
 Enter the question you had entered earlier into the field name box
 Select 'Add" save and publish, now test the form, if you do not enter anything in your box you will get a prompt