Trade Pricing / Member Pricing

There are several ways to offer trade pricing to your wholesale customers
  • Price teirs/groups, allow you to group customers by price group, and offer any product a special price for a specific price group. This option is great for having specific prices on a product.
  • Member discounts, add a percentage discount on any member record, and that member will get that discount when they login. 
  • Customer Product Pricing Matrix, On a product pricing page, you can also offer specific customers, specific prices, for a specific item. 
  • Quantity price breaks on the edit product pricing page, great for encouraging anyone to make a higher unit count purchase.
  • Ordinary discounts can be setup in the discounts area, to offer groups of customers a discount based on rules around user group. If a customer is in multiple discount groups, then the best discount wins.
  • VIP pricing. VIP pricing is another name for price group A. You can automatically assign all logged in users to get the price group A pricing. This is a checkbox setting in the customise shopping area.

The Best Discount Wins

All discounts are based on the RRP or checkout price otherwise.  Discounts do not compound.

If you customer ordinarily gets a 10% discount, but you have a 25% discount on a specific item, then they will get the 25% discount on that item, or 10% on other items. The best discount wins.

Sometimes wholesalers want to signal an RRP price, but use the checkout price for their standard purchasers. Then the wholesaler wants to discount that checkout price. Please note that you will need to enter discounts against the RRP price. That discount is a good signal to purchasers as the likely margin they will earn when the resell your items. 

Log In Required

  • Customers must login to see trade pricing. Retail customers won't see trade pricing. So you need to comunicate with them that they must login for member pricing. They will not see the retail pricing when they login.
  • If you don't want to sell retail, then password protect the entire shopping page.
  • If you want to show the public some product information, but not allow purchases by them, then you would be best to duplicate all your products in a shopping gallery. Contact us if you would like this done as a bulk operation. Alternatively under Product Details in the Shopping Cart set up you can hide the buy now button and the Price and set it to only display at a "Authorised Level". Member log in is then required purchase products.
  • Member prices must be cheaper than the retail price and not 0, otherwise the retail price will be used.
  • If you need to send your members an email with their password, you can use a newsletter with the [PASSWORD] field included somewhere in it. That field will be replaced with the customers unique password when the email is sent. Test on yourself first, by limiting your search to your email address. Later, just send the email to "authorised users" only.
  • You may need to publish to push pricing updates. Customers may need to login to see pricing updates.

Price Teirs / Price Groups

Using price groups is a prefect way to give discounts on a particular item for your logged in members. Please note that price groups, are different from customer groups. There are only 8 price group teirs, usually referred to as Price A, Price B, etc. 
  1. First, create a login page as well as a member. This member needs to have a status of "Email Confirmed" or above so that they can log in. 
  2. Under "Members" tab, view your member list or search for a specific member. Click on their name, and a popup window will appear. On the right hand side, change the "Price Group" dropdown.
  3. Next, edit the product you want to add a discount to. Select the "Price" tab at the top of that window.
  4. In this page, change the pricing under "Member Group Pricing".
  5. Optional, You can rename price groups in the prompt/rewording area under design tab. 

Member Discounts

  1. Edit member / customer, look for the discount percentage on the right. 
  2. Enter the discount percentage.

Customer Product Pricing Matrix

  1. Edit the product, click Pricing tab
  2. Scroll down to find the member pricing area. 
  3. Search for a specific customer
  4. Enter a specific price

Quantity Price Break

  1. Edit the product, click Pricing tab
  2. Look for quantity price break
  3. Enter a minimum quantity
  4. Enter a price for that quantity
  5. Try to keep the lower quantity to the left, and higher quantity to the right.

Ordinary Discounts

  1. Go to the discounts and promotions tab in shopping
  2. Create a new discount
  3. Edit the discount, and apply filter rules to the discount, such as customer groups, or minimum quantity
  4. Ordinary discounts are great for working with ordinary customer groups, where customers can belong in multiple groups, only the best group discount wins)

VIP Pricing

  1. Enable VIP pricing in the shop setup, customise options area.
  2. Scroll down to view product area
  3. tick the box for VIP pricing. 
  4. Please note that VIP pricing uses the price group A pricing
  5. Encourage your customers to signup for an account, or join your mailing list to get VIP pricing.
  6. You may also use ordinary discounts to achieve a similar rule, requiring users to simply login to get a standard percentage discounted (not fix VIP pricing)

Fixed Pricing versus Percentage pricing

Fixed pricing gives tidier numbers, where you enter a specific price., eg $26.50

Percentage pricing may end up with untidy numbers, like $26.38 .

You can also add a rounding rule, if you want all prices rounded to 50 cents.

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