Make/Model/Year Search

Typical use case, when selling cars. You might list your cars with data assoicated for make/model/variant year.

This use case is not a "part finder" for cars, See Part Finder 


  • Shop Setup - Customise Display Options
  • Give a prompt name for the "Extra Product Field 1-6" using as many as required
  • When editing your products, you will see these new prompts, where you can provide the required information
  • When using advanced search widgets, new drop downs will appear, allowing you to filter for this data, in a make/model/year dependent manor
  • You can upload this data via CSV, using format "code p_extra1,p_extra2,p_extra3,etc"

Category Method

  • Alternatively you can use a category tree structure to organise your products into make/model/year approach
  • Category sub trees can be split off the main tree, so that you can provide 2 ot 3 different routes to find a product. Eg Vehicle type SUV/Van/Car, as well as Make/Model categories.
  • Using the category method does not support the search drop down approach. 
  • The category method is best for SEO, as it's easier for google to find these make/model relationships, when a dedicated page exists for each. 

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