Freight, Shipping or Delivery Fees

You can charge freight as a combination of any of the following: 

  • fee per number of items
  • base fee per order
  • weight based fees
  • volumetric based fees (based on 200kg per cubic meter)
  • minimum fee and/or maximum fee

To add freight to all items in your catalogue -

  1. Click the Shopping Cart button fromt he left menu to give you access to your Catalogue/Shopping cart
  2. Click [Freight] from the grey menu towards the top of the page
  3. You must enter a Shipping Destination for each freight formula you set up
  4. You can enter a base fee if you want a fixed freight fee per order
  5. You can enter a per unit fee if you want to cover the costs of multiple item orders
  6. There are many other options, and the system will add up all the fees collectively to determine a total freight fee
  7. You can prioritise freight options so that the most common one is at the top of the list

These are all based on a destination from a dropdown box that your customer selects from, each with a different freight formula. The destination dropdown box can have unlimited destinations, eg country names, continent names, across town, same day courier delivery, standard post, fast post, etc.


Minimums and Maximums and Free Delivery

All fees are calculated and added together. If the shipping fee does not add up to the minimum shipping fee for that destination, then the minimum fee will be charged. If the total of shipping fees are more than the maximum, then only the maximum fee will be charged.

You can also offer free delivery if someone buys a minimum value of goods. If you want to offer free shipping based on quantity or similar, then you may need to package that as a product, or specifically word it in the shipping description, however, there is no way to force this logic.


Weight based fees

Weight based shipping fees are only applied to the product items with a weight specified. By default all products have a weight of 0, so will not be affected by any weight fee calculations.

Weights are not usually displayed to users, so you can alternatively use it as a mulitplier

There 5 fixed price weight bands, then you can use an increment multiplier for all other big weights. 


  1. CD's delivered for $1 per item plus $3 handling fee. If you buy 2 CD's, the price is $5
  2. CD's delivered for $1 per item, minimum shipping fee is $3. If you buy 2 CD's the price is $3
  3. Food items delivered based on weight. Enter approximate weights on all products. Enter approximate weight fees into calculator. Provide a minimum fee or base fee.


If you have a complicated per unit shipping fee that is based on several different destinations, then use weight based calculations. The actual weight added for a product doesn't have to be exactly true, as this information is not actually displayed on any pages. So you can just use the weight as a ratio to be applied against the weight fee in the shipping fees setup area.

eg CD's delivered for $1 per item, records for $3 per item, gift cards and wrapping free. Make the per unit fee $0. Make the weight fee $1. Change the weight of all records to be 3grams, and the weight of all CDs to be 1 grams. Leave items that don't affect shipping fee as 0 grams.

Volumetic Weights

If the weight of a product is not specified, then the cubic weight of a parcel will be calculated from the dimensions, as cubic metres, multiplied by 200. eg 200kg per cubic meter. 

How do I add unique freight charge for a particular product?

  1. Click on the product you want to update
  2. Click Change pricing, freight or quantities here
  3. Edit the price (there is only 2 options for domestic and international). See below if you need more options, you will need to use "Weight based shipping"
  4. If you want to override the default freight fees, then tick "exclude from freight rules" otherwise this fee is "added to" other freight fees. 
  5. Save changes

How do I charge different fees for different products for different shipping methods?

  1. You will need to use weight based shipping even if you do not enter the correct weights. Note that courier companies don't work at the product level, they just work with packages, volumes or weight bands. We can work with weight or units only. We do have the option to override or add to freight fees on a product level, but only with 2 freight fees, domestic and international... So the most dynamic option is to used "weight based shipping"
  2. First enter freight fee like 0-1kg = $5, 1-2kg = $8   AND/OR  $1 per 100g
  3. Enter product weights like 100g for an average small product, therefore 10 products of that type can be delivered in a 1 parcel... even if it's not really 1kg
  4. If another product costs twice as much to post, then give it a weight of 250g, in that case, only 4 units can be put in 1 parcel
  5. Another way is to have a minimum fee of $5 for small orders, then use a weight fee of $1 per 100g. Then you can assign products different formulars in 100g increments... 
  6. If you need more precise freight, then you need to work in smaller increments, eg 50cents per 50g
  7. Note that all products will attract the first weight band fee, even if it does not have a weight. If your product is digital, like an email voucher, you need to specifically "exclude from freight rules". 

Live Freight Pricing

We have a number of integrations with different couriers and agregators available. These options are for advanced users, as it takes time to configure and understand the scope of the meanings of different settings. Support for live freight pricing is not free. It is considered paid consultancy.

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