Persistent Fields on Custom Forms

Learn about how to have fields that automatically populate from a users login session, or from previous answers to the same form. 

When using custom forms you have full control over the HTML and field names, but this does not always correspond with the best integration with our database. 

Custom forms are more like "enquiry" forms, and are often submitted multiple times by the same person. Some of the data can be streamlined from their previous answers. 


If your fields are named the usual way, like "from_name" and "from" (email)  then if the user is logged in, then these  fields will be prepopulated with their member profile data. 

If you add "IsPersistent" class to your fields, then they will automatically load from previous answers of the same question (where the field name is exactly the same) 

The relationship between fields requires that the field names have no spaces and no special characters, except underscores.



If a user is not logged in, then you can still use class="IsPersistent" so that the data will be preloaded  from browser memory. IsPersistent fields will save into the browser storage, even if the form is not submitted. 


This feature is advanced, and there is no free support. Should you need help with making your forms smarter, please contact a technical consultant to provide paid help.

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