Emailing Customers via the Members Area

Where to email customers

You can email a customer via the MEMBERS area.

  1. Click the MEMBERS button in the main menu.
  2. Navigate to the required member, and view their Member record.
  3. Click the EMAIL tab that appears in the tabbed area top-right.
  4. This will launch the COMPOSE EMAIL area, and also provide an option to create a signature and canned responses.

[A] Email tab

Click this to compose a new email.

[B] Additional Email Options

You can apply additional options / actions to the email via the checkboxes

[C] Manage / Create canned responses

Click the link to create new responses or a signature or manage existing ones

[D] Add an Email Signature

Changes made to the signature area will save for next time you create an email.

Creating / Managing your canned responses

If you want to create re-useable responses to send out with the email click the CREATE CANNED RESPONSES link indicated in the image above by [C]

The responses can then be edited via the same link once created,

Applying a canned response

To apply a canned response click the checkbox next to the response in the area indicated in the image above [B]

The response will be included below any custom content you add to the MESSAGE area.

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