Klaviyo Feed

We provide a data feed for use with Klaviyo, automatically generated by the CMS. The provides information on all products, including products on multiple shopping pages.

Can I use the feed for both the Data Feed and Catalogue

There is no issue with connecting your feed as supplied by the Klaviyo plugin, as either a Data Feed or a Catalogue.

Contact Klaviyo support with any questions around using the feed with their platform.

We have tried to connect the feed to the Klaviyo Catalog area, but it is not pulling in the products / showing an error.

You need to map the required fields in the catalogue setup area. E.g.

Configure Field Mapping

All item fields in your feed must be mapped to Klaviyo fields. There are five required fields that must be present and mapped correctly: $id, $title, $description, $link, $image_link.

The feed providided by the plugin sends data such as product title and description, which needs to map to a klaviyo value. e.g the feed has a value for PID (Product id), which needs to map to $id in klaviyo or the like. 

Only some fields are required, not all. If these fields are correct and you have other fields mapped, try setting these to not required.

If still an issue Klaviyo support should be able to provide assistance.

Does the integration support Added to cart” metric or the “started checkout", or cart abandonment options.

This requires that the customer needs to be known in advance or sending cart data.
The CMS doesnt the customer in advance, as most customers will checkout without login, so it therefore does not make sense to perform this action at all. As such we do not support this option at this time.

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