Apple Device Email Setup

This is a guide only, if you need further help, please enlist the help of an IT professional who is trained in different devices and email clients. 

Tested on Iphone 12/Ipad June 2023

Go to Iphone or Ipad Main Settings > Mail > Accounts> Add Account

Other > Add Mail account

Enter your name, email, password and description. Description is just for your reference.

Your email and password can be found in the Website World CMS under Domains/Email, then clicking on the envelope, then Mailbox setup instructions/change password.

On the next screen keep the slider on IMAP

The Name, Email and description will already be there from the previous step. 

Enter the incoming host name then your username and password.

Enter the outgoing mail server host name  and your username and password.

This should automatically set up your account and you shouldn’t have to adjust any other settings.

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