Google Plugin (For Google Shopping Feed and Analytics)

Adding the google plugin provides an interface to get your Google Shopping Feed for the shop page, which you can then link to Google via the merchant center.

This will keep Google up to date with changes in product data.

You can also set your Analytics and Tag Manager IDs here.

Adding an automated scheduled product feed to Google Merchant Center

  Google is constantly changing their processes... this guide is correct as of January 2023 and is relevant to Google Free Listings.

Add or find your Google Plugin in your CMS by going to E-commerce.

Once added, click Configure Google

Right click on the Google Shopping Feed link and Copy link address

Once signed into Google Merchant Center and your account has been added go to Growth > Manage Programs on the left hand menu in Google Merchant Centre.

Add yourself to Google Free Listings. 

Make your way through the steps till you get to Add your Products.

On the first screen as shown below, click Create a Feed (advanced option)

Once you have done this, select your target countries and language, and ensure Free Listings has the check in the check box ( as below )

Click Continue

Add a Primary Feed name, such as your business name and select Scheduled Fetch.

Click Continue.

Enter a name for your feed file. 

Choose how often you would like Google to fetch the file. If you don't make many changes, daily or weekly would be sufficient. If you are constantly making changes, hourly would keep Google more up to date.

Select the time of the day you would like Google to fetch the feed.

Select your timezone.

Paste the URL from Website World that you copied in the first step into the file URL box.

Select Create Feed

NB It will take up to an hour for Google to fetch the file for the first time, and a few days for the data to settle. Check back in a few days for errors. 

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