Adding Additional Product Images via CSV

You can adding images to a products additional images area in bulk via CSV.

The images must already be uploaded to your website via the files area with a filepath that represents the location on the server without the domain name. e.g. /images/file1.jpg

If the images reside on a public website you can use the full domain name and the CMS will slowly import the images over time.

WARNING This advanced feature enables you to import custom information. This feature is an advanced feature, intended for very technical users and is not provided with any warranty nor free support. We suggest you only attempt use on a new or trial site, and do not use without training on a site with an existing product inventory. If you have problems with your update, you can email technical support with your CSV file for feedback on how you could improve your file. If your data is not compatible, you will be given a quote for either fixing your data for you, or programatical changes to ensure your data can be more easily uploaded in future.

Column Layout is especially important. CSV files come in many different layouts. You need to open your file with some spreadsheet software, and shuffle your columns around so that they match the order and type of the columns.

  • Navigate to the csv upload area.
  • Use the Product Additional Images option (not the main import products option)
  • Upload a spreasheet with two Columns 
CSV structure as below. You can upload via the "product additional  images" routine. Every image assigned to a product code should be on a new row.
P_CODE column contains the product / SKU code as set for the product.
Example of adding images to product with SKU BBBA
BBBA /images/locationtoimage/four.jpg
BBBA /images/locationtoimage/one.png
BBBA /images/locationtoimage/nine.jpg
BBBA /images/locationtoimage/five.jpg
BBBA /images/locationtoimage/eight.jpg

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