Distance Calculator

Calculate the cost of freight based on the delivery distance and time taken to reach the devliery address.

This freight option is perfect for large goods delivery, tow trucks, cake makers, or caterers. 

This calculator works just like any other freight option, but carefuly calculates a total freight price based on live access to google distance API

Calculation Options

  • Rate per KM
  • Rate per Minute
  • Rate per KG per KM (for heavy goods)
  • Return trip option (where traffic may be slower on return journey)
  • Optional minimum / maximum rate limits
  • Optional base rate

Use Cases

  • Tow truck quotes - Use a product as a base fee, then calculate towage fees based on distance/time. 
  • Cake / Catering - Customer buys cakes then the system calculates the fee for you deliver the goods yourself.
  • Wood / Heavy Goods Delivery - Optional calculate the cost including a fee for weight being kg / km.

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