Email Overview

Email services are only available for customers with live websites or email only hosting plan.

There are several ways that email can be added/accessed with your domain name.

  • Email forwarding
  • Google Apps
  • POP3 Mailbox Accounts (including Web Mail access)
  • IMAP Mailbox Accounts (including Web Mail access)
  • Server Name / MX Record change
  • Microsoft Exchange

To set up any of the first three options click the red [email] button under your red domain button.  Read the onscreen instructions then click [Enable Mail Forwarding Now].  The following screen will give you these options.

Email Forwarding

This is the simplest, most practical and for that reason the most popular option.  Our server forwards all emails address to your specified domain email address to your pre-existing email address (with your current email provider).  Just specify a forwarding address for each of your email prefixes... eg sales@ fowards to

You can make up to 100 email "aliases" per domain name.  eg info@, accounts@, webmaster@, sales@ etc and these can be forwarded to a single email address or individual recipients. 

This option integrates particularly well with GMail, Hotmail, or Yahoo and also works well with those who have a pre-existing email address with their ISP, eg  Note that your pre-existing email address will continue to work, recieving emails as it has in the past but now recieving your domain name emails as well.

Once your forwarding address is working, you can change your from/reply address in your email client to your new public email address. You will still download your email from your current provider. You should still contact your ISP if you experience any email problems in the future . The only difference between old and new email accounts should be the changed reply address only

POP3 Mailbox Accounts

This is the next most popular option, but a little bit more difficult to setup. You need to add a new email account to your email client. Once you have added your new mailbox in our CMS, then all the instructions on what to do next will be provided to you.

POP3 mailboxes are when the email is stored on our mailserver, and is only downloaded to your computer when you click "send and receive".

We also provide webmail so you can access your email on the move.

Note: We will only provide support to confirm that your POP3 account is active via webmail. You will be required to pay for your own technical support for configuration of your email client. We do provide easy instructions, but the onus is not on us to support your software, as this would make support very expensive and increase the costs of our service.

IMAP Mailbox Accounts

These are similar to POP3 accounts, except that all email is stored on our mailserver for all time. Although we offer this option, we do not provide large email accounts, so you will need to keep your IMAP folders as clean as possible. If you require a more professional IMAP account, then you will need to contact a specialist email provider.

IMAP email accounts are good for people who want to access all their email from multiple devices, web, office and home. However, it is often a bit slower and clunkier to use, placing a greater strain on your internet access. Make sure you have broadband. Be prepared to pay for your own technical support and remember that we don't provide an infinitely large inbox.

Our IMAP webmail server does allow you to manage and access your email in folders.

Google Apps

We think this is an excellent option... All your domain email will be processed by Google, giving you web based access, pop accounts etc...

We suggest you go with Google Apps standard package... Its fairly self explanetory to setup. When you are ready to go live, you can change your nameserver template in the CMS to the one that says "email with Google Apps "...


Mail Server (IP address / Servername)

Please provide your mail server name and IP address if you run your own inhouse email server, or if you use a professional email filtering service provided elsewhere, or your ISP is continuing to manage your email.

Microsoft Exchange

This is similar to the option above. Either provide us with a forwarding email address, or servername/IP or configure your exchange server to pop mail off one of our pop3 accounts.


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