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Our system is designed to make planning, creating and modifying (even adding more functions) as simple as possible.  The FAQ's (frequently asked questions) are your first point of reference for more detailed help than the on-page explanations.

How to find what you want -

To navigate use the menu on the left to find the section / general topic you need help with.  Scroll through the topics and click the link that matches to your query.

Alternatively use the search box (top right corner), it is recommended to search for short keywords. Our site search engine only uses exact keyword matches, so try a few shorter variations of your keywords until you get a few matches. eg if you need help with "publishing issues", then you should search for "publish" or if you have a problem with "domain registrations" then you should just search for "register" or "domain".  Also try synonyms other words with similar meaning eg "transfer" instead of "upload".

Searching via Google
Google search within this FAQ is another option which may return more results (available after your initial search), select "Our Website Using Google" and search again.

If there is something in the FAQ that you feel is incorrect, please let us know. We're constantly improving our product, and sometimes the FAQ items may be a step behind the improved way of doing something.  We strive to give you cutting edge help and information your feedback is appreciated to help us achieve this.

When contacting us regarding the FAQ's, please include-

  1. The domain name or login email address of your website
  2. Which page of your website it related to, or if in the CMS, please give the page title or sequence of navigations that got you to the page you are on. Screenshots of what you see and the URL box are useful for us.
  3. If your problem is repetitive, please provide us the sequence of events that will enable us to repeat your problem. If we can't repeat your problem, then we may not be able to help you. So explaining clearly the events that cause an error are important.
  4. If you are getting an error from the data you entered into a form, then please let us know exactly which data you put in the form before submitting

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