Publishing Changes

About publishing

When you make changes while editing, you need to click save regularly to ensure your changes are saved.

However, in order to see these changes on your live website, you also need to click "publish changes" after you have finished making all your changes.  Note you can actually edit and save several pages and publish them all simultaneously.

The CMS operates a 2-Step process to make your changes live. This allows you to make and SAVE changes to the website content behind the scenes before the public see them. Pressing the PUBLISH button will upload the changes to your live website viewable by the public.

On a big website, publishing changes is not very fast, so you should only do this at the very end of the day when you are happy with all your changes.

Previewing your changes prior to publishing
When you are viewing a page that you have just changed, you don't need to publish to see the changes. Clicking the PREVIEW button will allow you to view how the edited page would look prior to publishing.

If you use the live website menu to change to a new page, or to review the current page, then you will be viewing the previously published version. The menu always links you to the published version of a page.

Some changes are live automatically.
Typically changes to products and zoomed gallery pages. The pages that require publishing are your single design pages and index pages and home page.

You cannot publish only 1 page.
in other words when you publish, your whole site, the pages you have edited and the pages you haven't are all published again.

Publishing is permanent
You cannot undo a publish, publish is permanent. However backups may be available for certain pages. When editing a specific page, click the blue BACKUPS button to see if you can revert to a previous version.


Can't see your changes?

If you can't see your changes when you publish, here are some potential causes.

  • Your browser caching settings might not be checking for a new page.
    Try clicking SHIFT Key + REFRESH or CTRL+F5 keys
  • Try changing your settings in the Tools menu, Internet Settings.
  • Clear your browser cache's-Cache
  • Talk to your IT Dept to ask if they have a proxy or cache server between you and the internet
  • Perhaps your changes never saved?
  • How did you get to the page without changes. Did you use a link from with the CMS, all should be ok... But if you used a link created in the content of your page, and you have since change the filename of that page, then you might be taken to the old version, you need to relink that. Or the same issue might apply if using a link from a search engine to an old page. Then you need to wait some time for that page to disappear, or you may need to go into Manage Files and delete that file so that search robots will notice the file has gone forever.

Independent Test

You can also check the status of your page from an independent source

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