Discounts / Sales

There are many different ways to create discounts or have a sale price.

  • Set your normal price in the RRP field for a given product, and set the sale price as the checkout price.
  • You can set multiple products to have a % discount, as a bulk update in the bulk products updater area
  • Or the easiest way to set a discount for a category is in the shopping tab, then "Discounts Vouchers Promo Codes", then 
    "Discounts and promptional codes" 

Discounts and Promotional Codes

Discounts are setup the same way as promotional code discounts, the only difference is the lack of a promotional code. If there is no promotional code, then the discount will apply automatically, and be visible even in published pages. 

The most common sort of discount is a "category % discount". The promo code is optional. Specify your discount, then what category it is valid for. If you do not select a category, then all products in your cart will be discounted. 


  • The category fitler is optional, if you don't select a category, then discount applies to all products. 
  • Requiring a minimum quantity of 2 items will encourage customers to buy more, in order to get the discount. 
  • Promo code is optional. If you do not specify a promo code, then the discount will apply automatically, and be visible to shoppers prior to checking out. The discount will be visible in published pages also. 
  • If you want a discount to apply to selected products, consider making a "hidden category" then "adding checked products to that category". 

Discount Pricing Logic: 

  • Only the best discount will ever apply. If 2 matching discounts exist, only the best one will. For example, if a product is marked down by 10%, and then a customer has a discount code of 20%. Then only the 20% discount will apply. 
  • Discounts apply only to the RRP price. If a product has already been reduced by 30%, and there exists a category discount or 10%, then the product will remain at 30% discount. If there is no RRP price, then the standard checkout price is considered to be the RRP price. 

Date / Time Logic

  • Discounts are terminated at the date/time specified based on "NZ Time Zone".
  • Discount time rules are enforced at checkout, but it remains possible that you have published or cached web pages showing a discounted price after the completion of a sale. Our system re publishes all websites every 3 weeks, but if you have a sale ending on a specific date, I would encourage you to manually publish your website at the completion of the sale. 

There are many different discount rules

There are so many different discount rules, that they cannot all be explained here. But consider the following scenerios

  • Buy 3 oranges, get apples at half price. This requires a validity only on apples, but a reference purchase of oranges. 
  • Buy 2 get 1 free, so the reference quantity is 3, and the discount limit is 1, with 100% off... thus in every combination of 3 products, 1 product is free. And when 6 items achieved, then 2 items are free... However, if you buy 4 items, still only 1 item is free. There is no discount on the 4th item. 

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