What is your A record?

Our preference is that you use our DNS services if you are hosting website and email with us, as it makes it easier for us to manage you. However, if you already have your DNS and email managed elsewhere, then you will only want to update the following details to make your website live. 

We prefer you to enter a CNAME record of hosting.cms-tool.net, but learn more about A records here

  • www    CNAME    hosting.cms-tool.net

Alternatively, use the following A record, but note that A records are subject to change in the future. 


The A record is the IP address of our web server. You can use this if you wish to leave your domain name with your current ISP or registrar.

How to make your website live,

  1. First pay the hosting fee and ask us to make your website live.
  2. After we confirm your site has live status, contact your ISP and provide the CNAME and IP address above. Please tell them something like this:

Dear Domain Registry Provider

I am changing my web host

My domain name is: __________

Please make these DNS changes

  • www   CNAME   hosting.cms-tool.net
  • A-Record:

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