What kind of page template should I use?

For simple text page with only a few photos, you are best to use "single design pages". This suits most home pages, about us, terms and conditions, etc.

If you have products and prices, you should use one of the "shopping" templates. There are lots of formats in the "alternative" options, however, if your products are very visual, then use "shopping cart gallery" or if your product text is more important, then use "shopping cart". If you don't want a shopping cart, any only want enquiry forms, then use "shopping" or "product enquiry"

If you have lots of photos to upload, you should choose one of the gallery formats. You can either have a list of photos with descriptions, or 3 columns of thumbnails. Postcards include the ability for users to email the photos to friends.

News and Events type pages are self-explanatory.

The mailing list or members login pages should be chosen depending on whether you mainly want existing members to login or new members to register or a bit of both. Each version basically has a combination of one/either or both of those.

We are constantly adding new and different page template options.  Feel free to add the new page template, experiment with it then either keep it or delete it

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