Avoid flash and activeX

Avoid excessive use of Flash or ShockWave on your website. Although a Flash website looks great, no one will be able to find your site. Most graphic designers who use alot of Flash forget to do the most basic of search engine optimisation - including page titles, keywords, and alternative (non flash) representations of the website. Flash sites look good, but you can hardly ever find them in search engines.

If you use Flash for your menus, then google will never find your other pages. Make sure you have alternative textlinks or a site map in standard html for search engines to navigate all your pages.

Google can search HTML, and PDFS. However, google can't read any text on any flash page. So any words you have on a flash page are irrelevant to google.

If you have alot of PDFs on your site, try to include summaries of the files. Although Google can search PDF's, most searchers tend to prefer HTML formated pages, and if you can find summaries on an index page, then they will find the information they need more quickly.

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