Natural URLs and SEO filenames

Nearly all URLS generated by our CMS are natural and unique, and thus you will get good SEO ratings for this through little effort.

Filenames in our CMS must always end in .html, and not contain any spaces. Use _ or - or capitalise each word to separate keywords if you want.

Page Filenames

However, when adding or renaming a page, there is the option to add a "filename" to each page, and you can get even more SEO ranking this way.

A filename that contains your keywords is an indication that this page is highly relevant to those keywords..

For example, if a filename for a page that enabled you to buy shoes, was called "page.html" or "shopping.html" then that would be less relevant than "buy-shoes.html". The later name quite obviously shoes that this page is so much about "buying shoes" that we even went to the trouble of giving this page a special name.

By using a filename, you are also shortening the URL, which also gives a little more SEO ranking points.

Note: This is compatible with the majority of our page templates, but not all.

Category Filenames

You can now use SEO filenames with shopping categories!

Just edit the category and scroll down to the category SEO meta data area.

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