Procedure for getting a customised website template

The Process

  1. After the initial contact with us to confirm your needs and pricing you will need to start the ball rolling by paying your initial deposit.
  2. You then provide us with appropriate branding graphics and your objectives for your site, we will then prepare for you some static screen shots of your future website. 
  3. These screen shots are non-functioning images indicating the general design, colours and navigation layout and look.  You will then select a design and perhaps ask us to make changes if required - we will then build the website template based of the chosen design.
  4. Your new template can then be uploaded in the place of your existing default template (that you may have been adding content to in the meantime)

Steps taken to build and install the template

  1. What we do is make a specially coded HTML page,
  2. Then change the src location for all your images and related files.
  3. Remove the content area, and cut the file into a header and a footer.
  4. Upload the header and footer into the Content Management System, and also the related images and stylesheet.

Please refer to our advanced FAQ area for more specific details on this process

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