Affiliate Systems

Learn about our affiliate management system here

  • Any member can be an affiliate
  • Add a new page to your website, from the ecommerce add on area, named "Member Affiliate Scheme"

  • When a member logs in and visits the affiliate page, they will have a custom tracking link available on the page.
  • That tracking link will associate any customer orders with their affiliate ID. 
  • The affiliate can view recent orders associated with their affiliate link on the affiliate page.

  • Details of the affiliate are including on the merchant copy of the invoice/order, so you are aware of which affiliate or sales person was involved in an order.
  • You can access order reports that include affiliate ID, and you can use a spreadsheet program like Excel or similar to manage your referral commissions 

Sales person management & party plans

  • Sales agents (or party hosts) can also punch their customer orders in directly. If a member logs in, and enters the end customers details in to the checkout, then the order will be tracked as an affiliate sale. The order will belong to the end customer, but the affiliate will be recognised. This works for many "party plan" type marketing programs. 

Bonus Loyalty Points System

  • In our discounts area you can setup a loyalty points system. There is one earn rate for repeat customer orders, and there is another earn rate for affiliate orders. Simply enable this system, and your affiliates can easily redeem their points for free merchandice, without you needing to manage a complicated commissions system... Potentially you can convert points to cash, and deal with any tax implications offline. 

3rd party affiliate schemes

  • Feel free to take part in any third party affiliate schemes.
  • Simply insert their tracking links on your website using our INSERT... LINK... buttons
  • or insert their iframe code using our INSERT... HTML... button

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