Google results are linking to an old page - how do I fix this?

If your Google results are linking to outdated pages you can set up file redirects in the system to tell Google where the new pages are at.

NOTE: If pages have files existing names e.g. example.html are given new filenames in the system via the RENAME or SEO areas e.g. updatedfile.html, the old files still exist and can be searchable. These can be found and deleted in the FILES area, but the best way is to specify the new location with file redirects as Google will retain the current ranking for the new link that was applied to the old.

Where to find the filename /URL redirects area

  • Hover over the SEO button top right, then choose URL Redirects from the dropdown. Alternatively click the SEO button, then from ADVANCED OPTIONS down the page, choose FILE REDIRECTS

Add  your redirects and save

You'll be presented with a blank page, where you can add your required redirects, instructions on the format required can be found in the TOOLTIPS area at the bottom of the page.

Example redirect shown below

Each page to redirect must be on a new line, so hit the return key to to a new line then add the next redirect. Note the first OLDPAGE.HTML does not have the HTTP or DOMAIN NAME in front of it. 

Warning: TEST THAT YOUR REDIRECTS WORK CORRECTLY. Either by visiting or by clicking the google result, both should redirect to Use redirects at your own risk we are not responsible for any mistakes made in this area. If in doubt, do not use.

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