All About Email Campaigns

Learn what automated email campaigns are all about and why you might use them.

An automated email campaign will send a number of emails to a member in certain sequence with a timed delay between each one. This is great to ensure that all new members get newsletters in the appropriate sequence to educate them on your service. 

Compare this to normal bulk/email newsletters, which are all sent to all users on the same day. Some customers will have a historical relationship with you, and understand some background. Newer customers wont.

When you setup a normal newsletter, you just write the content, search for recipients, then send. 

There are 3 main steps to setting up an email campaign.

  1. Write the content of each newsletter. Each newsletter is referred to as a step. 
  2. Create rules to automatically add new members to your distribution list. 
  3. Start each newsletters step, to make them active.

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