How to change the website name

If you're using a template that shows the name of the website in the masthead / heading of the template and you would like to change this:

To change your website name

  1. Login to the CMS
  2. Hover over the WELCOME icon at the top right of the page
  3. Find the area in the dropdown called MORE OPTIONS
  4. From the more options area, click the WEBSITE CONTACTS link
  5. Change the Organisation Name at the top of the page, or the default meta tag name at the bottom of the page. The one at the bottom also appears on some templates if there is no banner image.  

If you have more than one website, this will also change the name as it appears in the dropdown list that appears in the header bar of the CMS.


For template editors (Advanced users only)

If you are creating your own template, you can insert the tag [WEBSITENAME] to your template to make use of this feature. For more information on tags, visit the TAGS OVERVIEW page located in the advanced section of the Design templates area of this FAQ

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