Auto Membership Registration, Expiry, Renewal and Payments

You can use our shopping cart to sell term memberships, with automated password delivery for 24/7 real time access, and our bulk emailer to communicate renewals. The automated 24/7 service is only available for credit card options.

Taking Member Registrations

  1. Create a shopping cart with products representing your membership levels or terms.
  2. For each product, go to the product automation tab, and set the appropriate membership term and membership level.
  3. In the credit card setup area, ensure you have enabled any callback functionality. This feature depends on which credit card payment option you use.
  4. Upon order posting, the member record will be created only.
  5. Upon successful credit card/paypal payment, the member record will automatically be upgraded and assigned the appropriate member level and expiry date, and emailed their password.
  6. If this service does not work properly, then your IPN, Callback, Return URL or similar has not functioned properly. Please refer to the full instructions when setting up your credit card payment options.

Taking Member Renewals

  1. There are now 2 templates for a 30 day and 14 day reminder about subscription renewal. You can update those templates in the tooltips area of the automation tab of the product. 
  2. If they buy a renewal, it will add to their current expiry date, so no time is lost. If they have already expired, it will start from the day of the purchase.

Dear [NAME]

Please note your membership will expire on [EXPIRY]

If you wish to continue your membership, please use the following link to purchase more time.


Note: Please purchase your membership using your current login email address on the checkout page: [EMAIL]

Kind Regards
Your Name
Phone and other contact details

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