View/Insert/Update Products

Refer to the specific instructions in our CMS, in the API/EDI area under shopping carts, setup, accounting interfaces.

The interface is very simple to connect with, no oAuth, just a simple API/FTP password provided in the URL. 

All these interfaces will update by Product Code, and this is expected to be a unique code in the system

Tip: You can import new images by using a URL for your image source... (the image file import happens shortly after you upload the CSV file) Or you can simply use a root relative URI for referencing local files. 

Bulk Updates (CSV Format)

You can upload a file in multipart POST upload format containing files as form parameters. This emulates the same functionality as our web based CSV importer, but you can automate this via your own application or cron job. Please export test data from our system first to ensure you are working with the right column names and formats. 


Required parameters

  • password get the ftp password from within the CMS
  • uploadFile A file uploaded containing the product data
  • formfields An inorder list of the fields in the file
  • ignoreFirstLine If the first line contains a header and should be ignored
  • delimiter The character separating the fields in the file (e.g. "," or ";" or "TAB" for a horizontal tab)
  • jobtodo Must be either "UPDATE", "INSERT" or "UPDATEINSERT" this sets what the script will do

Or Individual API updates

Example Product View / Update URL





Example Product Update/Insert - URL Parameter Approach

Call this script with minimum parameter of your p_code (or PID) and p_title, and password (API/FTP password), 
you can use as few or as many parameters as required. Only the parameters provided will be updated. PRODUCT DETAILS p_code (unique identifier 20char approx) (MANDATORY) p_title () (MANDATORY) p_details (description ) p_order (1-900) p_uom p_weight CATEGORIES p_groupid p_groupid2 p_groupid3 p_groupid4 PRICING p_priceprediscount p_price p_shipping (domestic freight) p_shipping_int MEMBER PRICE GROUPS p_pricea p_priceb p_pricec p_priced p_pricee p_pricef p_priceg p_priceh AVAILABILITY p_qtyinstock p_qtylowstock SUPPLIER INFO p_supplierPrice p_supplierCode p_supplierName

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