How can I make my trial site live? (go live)

To change your site status

To change your site status from a Trial site to an Online Live site that is viewable by the public

  1. Login to the CMS
  2. From the start (Welcome) screen, click upon the green Go Live button.
  3. Follow the instructions contained on the Go Live page, including choosing your payment frequency for web hosting
  4. If you want to change the payment frequency, let us know and we can sort that for you.

Changing Your Hosting Payment

  1. Click the link to be taking to the hosting plan screen
  2. Change the Hosting Plan type from (your plan type)/mth to (your plan type)/yr
  3. Click the Change Plan/Status button to confirm then publish. When you return to the Go Live screen the new amount should be displayed.

Receiving an invoice prior to payment

If you require an invoice prior to paying your first month (or annual) hosting, you can access a current statement/invoice following the details below, or contact us and we'll arrange one for you.

  1. Login to the CMS
  2. Click the black Accounts button
  3. Click upon the blue Account History/View Statements button to see your current and past statements, and resend them to yourself.

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