Add a news or events feed to another page

You can add news and events information to another page by copying and pasting some HTML code into the required page.

To add a news or events feed

  1. Navigate in the CMS to your news or event page.
  2. Choose to edit/add new item to the news page on the right hand under the tool tips you will see an API/RSS heading
  3. Copy the relevant code (either the RSS link, or the Javascript link)
  4. Navigate to the page you'd like to add the feed to, and edit the page
  5. Choose the HTML button to switch to html mode, this bring bring up a bunch of text
  6. Paste the code in the desired spot.
  7. Save and Publish the page to see the changes.


Note: You can add the code wherever you like, a good place to add it would be the footer rather than the main edit window as when you have finished adding the code and revert to WYSWIG mode, the script will not be visible.

Adding it to another area such as a footer will prevent the code from being accidentaly deleted during edits


To remove the feed

  1. Navigate to and edit the relevant page
  2. Switch to HTML mode to see the relevant code
  3. Delete the specific code
  4. Save your changes

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