Help - File Site pages being overwritten by CMS pages

File Site overview

A filesite is a seperate option to the standard template site.

With a filesite you handle the content editing and template design externally (e.g in Dreamweaver) and use our webhosting as a place to store your content.


If your File Site pages are being overwriten

At certain times you may need to publish your site. If you find that the content is being overwritten

This will be due to the a webpage existing within the CMS having the same filename as the page in the filesite. e.g 'contact.html'

If you have named your uploaded page contact.html, then this will have been overwritten when the site was published.

In order for the page within the system to not overwrite the uploaded page, it should be renamed. This can be achieved by:

  1. Choosing the WEBPAGES button from the left menu, then clicking the relevant page e.g. Contact us
  2. From the list of options, choosing 'Rename menu button label, page heading, SEO options or reposition menu button'
  3. Changing the 'Save as' name from contact.html to something else.
  4. When changes are made within the CMS (e.g. contact details) publishing will no longer overwrite the page.

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