Blog Pages

About blog pages

Blog pages are a type of News / Information page that can have comments added via the public.

For a comment to be added to the live site, it must contain a valid email address. When a new commenter adds a post, the system sends a validation email to the email address specified, and before the comment is made live, they must check and action the validation email.

All email addresses submitted are added to your membership database.

How to add a blog page/section

  1. Add a new page
  2. From the list of page types, choose Forums from the grouping 'Mailing Lists... Forums'
  3. Choose 'Blog' from the list of layout types

How to add a blog post

  1. Select your blog page from the left menu
  2. Look for an "Add New Blog / News Post" button or similar wording. 
  3. The most important aspect of a blog is a Title
  4. The summary text appears in blog index
  5. The word style editor is the area where you can type the fully worded blog. 
  6. In the right side of the screen is an option to change the publish date. If you future date a blog it won't be visible until that date.
  7. Optional add an image or link, or any other options from the right
  8. Save

How to Edit a Blog Post

  1. The process is very similar to adding a blog post, but once a blog post exists, you will find some more tabs up the top, where you can find more options.
  2. The "Full Text" tab gives access to more content editors for creating a more stylised blog content. 

Change Layout

  • Via the Layout tab you can change the primary blog index layout of the blog to various other formats. You can also convert a blog to a FAQ page or gallery, or vice versa.
  • You can also change the layout of the blog post page independently, eg to have the primary image across the top of the page, bottom, or aligned top right etc. Some formats have more or less widgets.

As an administrator how can I delete visitors comments on a blog?

Comments can be edited via the Forums button on the left toolbar.

How do I stop the comments being an option for blog page?

You can change the layout type to a News or Information layout via the grey 'Layout' button located top right of the CMS

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