Trade Pricing / Member Pricing

Using price groups is a prefect way to give discounts on a particular item for your logged in members.

First, create a login page as well as a member. This member needs to have a status of "Email Confirmed" or above so that they can log in. 

Under "Members / Newsletters", view your member list or search for a specific member. Click on their name, and a popup window will appear. Under the "Security/Login" tab, change the "Price Group" dropdown. The first time you do this, set it to A.

Next, edit the product you want to add a discount to. Select the "Price/Qty" tab at the top right.

In this page, change the pricing under "Member Pricing".

  • Customers must login to see trade pricing. Retail customers won't see trade pricing. So you need to comunicate with them that they must login for member pricing. They will not see the retail pricing when they login.
  • If you don't want to sell retail, then password protect the entire shopping page.
  • If you want to show the public some product information, but not allow purchases by them, then you would be best to duplicate all your products in a shopping gallery. Contact us if you would like this done as a bulk operation. Alternatively under Product Details in the Shopping Cart set up you can hide the buy now button and the Price and set it to only display at a "Authorised Level". Member log in is then required purchase products.
  • Do not use an export price if you have international customers with a price break. The export retail price will always override the price break.
  • Member prices must be cheaper than the retail price and not 0, otherwise the retail price will be used.
  • If you need to send your members an email with their password, you can use a newsletter with the [PASSWORD] field included somewhere in it. That field will be replaced with the customers unique password when the email is sent. Test on yourself first, by limiting your search to your email address. Later, just send the email to "authorised users" only.

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