Additional questions at product level (including file uploads)

There are multiple different variations, options, sizes and text questions that can be used at an individual product level. 

All of these options can be accessed via the individual product's Options/Sizes tab. 

  • Product Variations with Stock Levels (A)
  • Manage Colours (B)
  • Manage Sizes (B)
  • Manage Styles/Options (B)
  • Custom Questions (C)
  • File Upload / T&C
  • Link Related Products
  • Duplicate This Product

Where to add the additional questions

  • Click the ECOMMERCE button in the main menu
  • Navigate to the required product
  • Edit the product
  • Click the OPTIONS/SIZES tab in the small tabs top right above the product information.
  • Set your options as required.

    Appending an enquiry form

    You can also append an enquiry form to all your products.  From your shopping cart manager select Setup > Display Options > then tick the checkbox labelled "Include an enquiry form" then click[Save]

    Additional question fields and file uploads can be entered in at the checkout page, but those questions are fixed to the entire order, and are not product specific.

    If you are working with events, consider using our events management system, then adding generic products within that area that can be connected to your events.

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