Delivery Address, Gift Message, File Upload and Checkout Customisations

Want to set up you site to enable people to send gifts?  Here's how

  1. Click the [setup] tab of your shopping cart
  2. Then "Display Options" then "Customise Checkout"
  3. From the "Checkout Address Format Dropdown" select your desired option.  "Both" this means your customer will enter both their address and the recipient of the goods, "Full", "Short" and "None" relates the level of detail they will need to enter their own address.
  4. Check the box "Gift Message" so your client can enter for example what they want to appear on the card

File uploads

You can also add a file upload in the same area as above, and this is good if you want to have your customers submit a LOGO or other picture along with their order. For example, Tshirt printing, business card printing, embroidery etc.

Adding Custom Fields

You can also add additional fields anywhere in your checkout page. These will automatically be included in the comments area of your invoice. Look for the links in the same setup area defined above. You can put custom fields below your address, above your payment options, below your payment options, or immediately before the Order Now button.

Controlling the order of additional fields

By default, the display order of additional fields within the resulting invoice can be a bit random. To control the order of those fields, add a new "hidden" field named "PARAMS" and put your required field names in the order you want, separated by commas. The field names need to be exact. Having added a hidden field, it is normally visible within the editor, and easy enough to edit.

eg if you have a field named "Pickup_Date" and another called "Friends_Name" then use the following HTML


Or alternatively, use the wizard to create your hidden field called PARAMS, and insert only this code as the value.


Be warned, that if you add new fields, or change their names, then thesed details won't be saved within the invoice nor displayed anywhere.


Other customisations of the checkout process

  • Orders or Tax invoices can be generated at the checkout.
  • You choose which payment options the customer can select.
  • Optional voucher redemption can happen at the checkout process.. Vouchers cope with part cash payment and multiple voucher entry
  • Sales tax is calculated automatically if you have entered tax rates, and is displayed clearly in the orders/invoices.

Freeform customised instructional text can be inserted in several places in the checkout process and thankyou screens. You can insert unlimited additional fields into the checkout process..  Additional fields will be automatically appended to the order notes field and displayed in any reprints of the order.

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