Options for colour and size (with different prices, SOH or codes)

You can now add colour swatches and size dropdowns in addition to a third customisable product option dropdown. eg 3 dropdowns are possible per product. To add any of these options, just go to the product options area for each product.

However, if stock levels, pricing and SKU need to be different based on the options above, then you should:

  1. Create a "category" to represent your real world product line/range, including a photo of the product.
  2. Enter a new "product" for each real world product option, so that you can enter a unique code and price. Use the style/option name in the product title, so that its clear.

Note, when categories have pictures, visually they don't look any different to the user than a product. The navigational sequence for the user will be more intuitive if you use categories for this above situation. We have also added some new functionality to make it faster to add multiple "product line option products" to a "product line category" more quickly.


From a more accountancy perspective, if something has a different code or price or a different quantity on hand, then they are 2 different SKU/products. eg The lowest accountancy unit in our database for managing prices and quantities is a "product"...
But to achieve your ends,
  • a product "range" can be the same thing as a "category".
  • create the category (with photo) as if you were creating a "product range"
  • you can have unlimited categories deep, so there is no limit to the categorising of product ranges you can do.
  • Then add different products (photos optional) to that category (product range)
  • Specify the style name as the product title, and then give it its own code and its own quantity.

Note: If you change/update your options, you will need to PUBLISH to make these changes live

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