What is an ecommerce site? When might I need one?

Our eCommerce system gives your website the functionality to take orders and arrange payment online.  It automates what may have been traditionally verbal, hand written, fax or perhaps manual email orders.

Is it right for your needs?
An eCommerce site is not often an effective solution for selling high-priced items, for example cars.  If your business has very few orders per month, an information focussed site is likely a more effective solution.

Our eCommerce system is great for selling high numbers of small items (eg CD's, books or clothes). It is also used to place business-to-business orders from regular customers.

Our system has behind it a very powerful database.  What this means for you is a dynamic system for dealing with a large number of items. The process of setting up the cart and entering the products is very much a simple 'follow your nose' process.

Each item entered has the ability to:
  • Be organised into categories (eg 'left handed widgets', 'right handed widgets', 'ambidextrous widgets')
  • Belong in multiple categories (eg your ambidextrous item might belong in all the categories - 'left handed widgets', 'right handed widgets', 'ambidextrous widgets')
  • Be displayed a variety of different layouts, this being dynamic can be changed easily at any stage 
  • Have a short description
  • Have a long description with product specs
  • One or more photos
  • Links (internal, external, to pdf's and other files etc)
  • Our site search will be able to return a list containing all of your items that contain the search phrase
  • Have associated options (size, color etc) available when ordering
  • Have additional fields of your choice

Each buyers details will be recorded for you, you can give them an option of being on a newsletter list.  You can have different pricing levels (retail, wholesale, trade etc) for different clients.

Once the above system is taken advantage of, your website will be far more easily kept up to date and maintain a consistent look and functionality throughout.

Although there are many options and we are constantly improving and expanding these options, don't be intimidated.  You can very easily and quickly set up a relatively simple shopping cart, which, can grow in size and function as you require.

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