Rotating Images/Links in content

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Old Option

Here is some example code for rotating picture... using some clipart... so change it to something that suits you...

You will need to change the image locations in both the main image source, and the matching links. You might also need to change the height and width. You should not need to change anything else, just copy and paste this into the HTML page of any of your web pages and it should work ok. If you need any more help with this, our time is chargeable for this support.

If you want to have several rotating image areas on your page, you need to first search and replace "slideShow1" with "slideShow2" etc



Javascript Code 

<A href="javascript:slideShow1GotoLink()"><IMG style="FILTER: blendTrans(duration=3)" height=100 src="/uploads/shared/images/banners/Feminine/ribbons_67903D.gif" width=600 border=0 name=slideShow1></A>

<SCRIPT language=JavaScript1.1>

// Blending Image Slide Show Script-
// &#169; Dynamic Drive (
// For full source code, visit
// modified for use in our CMS


//specify images
var slideShow1Images=new Array();
slideShow1Images[slideShow1Images.length] = "/uploads/shared/images/banners/Feminine/bubbles_D6D7D9.gif";
slideShow1Images[slideShow1Images.length] = "/uploads/shared/images/banners/Feminine/butterfly_EFC4CF.gif";
slideShow1Images[slideShow1Images.length] = "/uploads/shared/images/banners/Feminine/flowers_66CFE6.gif";
slideShow1Images[slideShow1Images.length] = "/uploads/shared/images/banners/Feminine/hibiscus_D5C5D3.gif";

//1 link per image, same order
var slideShow1Links=new Array();
slideShow1Links[slideShow1Links.length] = "#";
slideShow1Links[slideShow1Links.length] = "";
slideShow1Links[slideShow1Links.length] = "";
slideShow1Links[slideShow1Links.length] = "#etc";

//specify interval between slide (in mili seconds)
var slideShow1slidespeed=5000
var slideShow1whichlink=0
var slideShow1whichimage=0

var slideShow1blenddelay=(document.all )? document.images.slideShow1.filters[0].duration*1000 : 0

var slideShow1newwindow=1 //open links in new window? 1=yes, 0=no
var slideShow1ImageHolder=new Array() ;

for (i=0;i<slideShow1Images.length;i++){
slideShow1ImageHolder[i]=new Image()
function slideShow1GotoLink(){
if (slideShow1newwindow)[slideShow1whichlink])

function slideShow1It(){
if (!document.images) return
if (document.all ) document.images.slideShow1.filters[0].apply();
document.images.slideShow1.src=slideShow1ImageHolder[slideShow1whichimage].src ;
if (document.all ) document.images.slideShow1.filters[0].play() ;
slideShow1whichimage=(slideShow1whichimage<slideShow1Images.length-1)? slideShow1whichimage+1 : 0 ;
setTimeout("slideShow1It()",slideShow1slidespeed+slideShow1blenddelay) ;


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