Will transferring my existing website to you reduce my existing SEO ranking?

This is of greatest concern to those who have a well SEO'd site.  Provided you follow our guidelines for building your new site and changing your domain name to your new site your search ranking can potentially increase however to be sure of this it may be best to enlist our professional help.

Any changes made to a website can effect your search engine ranking for better or for worse. To transfer successfully you need to reproduce your existing SEO content - add, but not subtract, relevant SEO from it.  To summarize you will need to preserve your page names, meta tags, key-phrases usage etc.
  1. Our system has the potential to build your website with a high degree of SEO built in.  Follow the guides within this FAQ to ensure you take full advantage of this.   
  2. Once your new site is ready to go, pay your first months hosting fee and change you site status to 'LIVE'
  3. Then either move or redirect your domain name to your new site 
This will result in a seamless transfer with no outage - as far as Google and the other search engines are concerned you will simply have a new improved site - and they like sites that are updated.

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