Logout Issues On Password Protected Pages

Are your customers reporting that they get logged out of your website?
Here is a checklist that you might want to get people to check
In Internet Explorer,
goto tools menu
internet options.
browsing history
temporary internet files
check for new version of stored pages, should be "automatically"
In Internet Explorer,
goto tools menu
internet options.
security tab
get them to add your website to "trusted sites"
also, try clicking the "reset all zones to default level" or "default level"
In Internet Explorer,
goto tools menu
internet options.
privacy tab
Click Default
If that doesn't work and a customer has persistant issues, then please answer these questions.
a) what browser and version? and what computer type?
b) explain the complete navigation that the customer clicks to get logged out
c) what time and date?
General Issues To Think About
  • Have they disabled cookies? Session cookies need to be enabled, but persistent cookies can be disabled ok.
  • Have they got internet "speed up" software installed?
  • Are they using a "web cache" or are they behind a special "firewall"
  • Has anything recently changed in their computer system, such as a antivirus software install or upgrade?
Sometimes when we are doing upgrades the customer might be logged out.
This does not happen very often, like maybe on one day a few issues, then none for 2 months. 
The typical cause of a logout is either 30 minutes of inactivity or when the customer has temporarily lost their connection to the internet and the modem reconnects automatically... (which may be invisible to the user)... But they would probably have trouble with their internet banking also, if that was the case.


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