Copy / Paste Snippet Blocks to a different page

Using the Drag-drop and Contentbox editors you can easily copy/paste Snippet Blocks from one page to another.

Select the Snippet/s you want to copy

To copy a Snippet Block - click into the snippet to highlight it without selecting any text. Selecting the text will copy the text rather than the Snippet Block.

Hold down CTRL + click into additional Snippets if you want to copy more than one

If you want to copy more than one Snippet from the page, hold down the CTRL key to select additional snippets. Each snippet selected will be highlighted with an orange border. The active snippet will show the row-tools top-left as per normal.

Copy the selected Snippet Blocks with CTRL + C

You can then copy the Snippet (or multiple Snippets) you have selected by pressing and holding the CTRL key, then pressing C.

Select the Snippet Block above where you would like the snippets to appear

Clcik into the Snippet to select it, then paste in the copied Snippets.

CTRL + V to Paste the Snippet/s

Pressing and holding the CTRL key, then pressing V will paste the Snippet Blocks below the current active snippet