Constrain the Contentbox column widths

If you want to  show two columns of Contentbox content constrained to your template width (or even a custom width) you can do this via the Contentbox Settings Popup.

To constrain the Contentbox column widths

  • Click the BLUE COG icon top left of the active Contentbox section in the editor.
  • Find and click the SECTION WIDTH section.
  • Set the dropdown COMBINED BOXES WIDTH to the required value.
  • The outer section container remains 100% wide. You can set a background colour for this outer section via the BACKGROUND OPTION area.

Example of a contrained 2 column section block - the background colour still stretches full width.


Setting a Background Colour for the entire Section

By default setting a Background Colour via the GENERAL PROPERTIES > BACKGROUND COLOUR on a two column Section snippet will set the background colour for the active column.

To set a background colour for the entire Section, click the BACKGROUND OPTIONS section button, then set the colour via the OUTER BACKGROUND COLOUR field.

Background Images cannot be applied to the entire Section

At this time there is no option to set a Background Image to the entire Section. Background Images can only be applied to the individual Section Column on multi-column layouts.